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Your company is undertaking a digital transformation. You’re switching to a cloud-based, remote-workable system for all of your organizational needs and you need a tool that will be flexible and adaptable enough to keep up with the demands of your business as it changes. As many companies were forced to do earlier this year, you’ve shifted to remote work. But while 2021 has been an incredibly challenging year filled with uncertainty, this transformation doesn’t have to be. It’s like switching your aeroplane engine mid-flight—it must be a perfect fit, immediately effective, and a long-term solution.

What is covered in this blog post:

Do you ever feel like your work processes are completely out of whack? Like all of the tools and programs you use every day to get stuff done are confusing, disconnected, and just… messy?

Sounds like your organization needs a Work OS.

A Work OS is a SaaS platform for teams to create workflow apps in minutes to plan, run, and track everyday work. With a Work OS, every team can create and connect the tools they need to run projects and processes in one place. Collaboratively, teams move fast towards the organization’s goals by performing cross-functional, cross-disciplinary work that’s always aligned, streamlined, and visible to everyone involved.

What is work OS?

In a world of ever-changing technology, how can you find a work operating system you can trust?

Introducing the Work OS, an open platform where teams create and customise the solutions they need to execute faster, be more agile, and move at the speed of business. The Work OS is designed to stand the test of time as it scales with your organisation’s growth and adapts to any industry or team. Integrate your favourite tools into one place. Build your own apps using our open API or drag-and-drop customization tools. Empower your team to work smarter, no matter what challenges lie ahead. With the Work OS, you have what it takes to build solutions that make you unstoppable.

Why use work OS?

We believe that a work OS platform needs to go beyond just connecting employees and enabling a culture of transparency. At our core, we believe that the power of Work OS needs to be in its ability to integrate seamlessly with all your other tools.

That’s why work OS is the ideal work-space for your company. Imagine: creating any workflow in seconds, tracking progress easily and visually, storing and sharing work-related assets, customising autonomy for each team, answering everyone’s needs without requiring coding—all while breaking down silos and automating workflows without depending on code.

Who is work OS for?

With Work OS every team can now build the applications they need for their everyday work—and when several teams in an organisation use it, they can achieve even more together. You can learn more about these new features on our page. is a work OS that keeps everyone aligned and enables managers at every level to monitor the work and actions of employees and projects. This visibility assures they are able to reach out, assist, and guide when they identify an issue. It also gives employees the chance to find the information themselves, instead of having to scramble for answers from Operations, Legal, Finance, and any other department.


Marketing and PR are two of the most important things that a company must get right to grow and develop, so it’s only fair to plan projects in the right and effective way.’s work os will be with you every step of the way, from planning campaigns to executing them while managing your marketing assets and tracking the time spent on tasks. This means you can spend less time on emails and meetings during the working day, and more time actually getting things done! It’s easy to see how this will reduce time wasted due to its effectiveness in reducing emails and meetings during the working day.

Just like Sales and Creative, provides different templates and time tracking for tasks and a professional timeline view to keep harmony and meet deadlines at the end of the day.

Sales & CRM

The world has moved to remote and online. If you want your business to survive—or even thrive—in this new landscape, you’ll need a way to organise your leads, relationships, and tasks in a way that works for your team. You’ll want a platform that helps you manage all of these things, so you can get more done and close more deals than ever before—and is here to help.

You can organise everything in one place: where your deals are, who’s responsible for what tasks and what stage they’re at, and how much time it’s taking to complete each task.
It also lets you sync leads from your website to the platform through a form on your website, so your team always has access to the information they need—no matter where they are or what device they’re using.


Take a step back and get organised.
We’re talking about your company’s HR process.
You know what we mean: onboarding, training, performance reviews, employee evaluations… all the stuff that makes your life as a manager so much easier.

We’ve got a solution for you! lets you see everything in one place—so you’ll never miss a step in the process again. It’s designed for companies of all sizes and industries, so no matter how big or small your company is, you can use it to streamline your HR process and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

IT and Developers

Do you feel the pressure of expectations to deliver quickly, impeccably, and efficiently? In addition, do you have to be skilled in other subject areas, like software development, marketing and UX, combining this knowledge into a polished customer experience? Otherwise, you risk losing deals to the competition.

If this description resonates with you, it’s time for a Work OS. A Work OS consolidates company knowledge, keeping it up-to-date and making it accessible and usable to all employees. It facilitates business agility (allowing employees to make quick decisions), digital transformation (whole departments can get on board with new ways of doing things), and a culture of collaboration (all employees can contribute their ideas).


You don’t want to waste time on things that don’t matter.
As a company, you should have the best tools available to develop and manage your processes.‘s project management software streamlines the way your operations function to reduce time wasted and increase team productivity.
Using its simple drag-and-drop interface, set up a timeline and assign tasks while viewing progress reports on its professional dashboard. The app also connects with your business calendar, making it easy to stay in sync with your team and launch campaigns as planned.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can get more done in less time, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business!

Use Cases

#1 Successful onboarding Work OS is a coworking and project management platform that was designed with one goal in mind: to make it easier for people to get stuff done. That’s why we prioritised both unparalleled customer success and an intuitive product interface that is easy to adopt.
The Work OS is designed not only for the organisation but for the individual user. The platform is fun, easy-to-use, and does not require a lengthy onboarding process. Instead of a complicated user interface, you’ll find a simple, intuitive one that will help you get up and running in no time!

#2 Personalised work OS infrastructure

It offers endless no-code options, but it also opens the door for low-code additions. The monday apps Framework has been launched this year, which allows organisations to develop any kind of work management solution they can imagine on top of our full-featured infrastructure.

The Work OS makes it possible to build anything from a simple project management app to a fully custom project management platform with automation, integration, and more.

#3 Permissions and admin control

We know that some projects require extra security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of your company’s information. That’s why we believe is ideal. It offers an easy permissions system, allowing admins to navigate these restrictions and select what level of access is granted to each user.
You can finally rest easy knowing your data is safe from prying eyes!

#4 Protecting your organisation security

You don’t have to be a security expert to know that data security is a top priority in today’s world.

That’s why Work OS has been built with stringent security measures and uphold strict security protocols to secure data in alignment with enterprise industry standards.

Our platform is built on the foundation of the latest and most secure technologies, including:

• encrypted data at rest and in transit
• password protection of sensitive information
• two-factor authentication for all users

And we don’t stop there! We proactively perform annual security audits and assessments to ensure that our security standards are never compromised, including penetration tests and a managed bug bounty program.

Conclusion is the Work OS that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence. It is the most complete and flexible system for users of all sizes, from enterprise companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and individual users. Supporting integrations, automations, and advanced analytics, is easy to use and implement.

Working conventions have changed in the past years. Rapid technological improvements combined with intensified communication have created a fast-paced culture in nearly every business. The traditional office model has been replaced by remote work and flexible schedules; this has brought about new challenges for employees who need to manage their time efficiently or collaborate with coworkers across different locations. addresses these concerns by providing an integrated solution that helps teams manage projects from start to end – from planning to execution through collaboration tools (chat rooms) and real-time notifications; from tracking tasks via an activity feed; from measuring productivity via visual dashboards; from managing customer relationships via CRM integration; from creating invoices through accounting automation; and more!


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