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If you do anything online these days, you are likely to encounter forms.

Forms act as a way to collect various types of information from visitors and send it back to the website where it will be stored and processed. This can be used to get useful information from your visitors, or just to gather contact information for marketing purposes.

What is covered in this article :

If you are doing any kind of business in the online space, you will 100% need to incorporate forms into your website. Forms are everywhere online, and it gives users a sense of security by knowing they can easily contact you in case they need help.

In a world where information is everywhere, it’s paramount to collect the right information at the right time. Yet while all forms collect information and data, not all forms are created equal. This article will discuss the various forms available and share how integrates with your current forms.

What are forms?

The Work OS helps teams plan, organize, and track all work in one place. The visual, interactive platform makes it easy to view progress across your organization. Set effective milestones and tasks, share updates with stakeholders and leadership, and prioritize projects based on deadlines and priorities.

With forms, you don’t have to waste time inputting data from your clients. Instead, you can simply generate a form and send it to them, so they can fill it out and send it back to you. All of that data is automatically synced into our platform, so your team can go about their day working on the next project.

Set up your boards just the way you want with all your columns and fields. You can generate a form based on a board, and share it with clients by embedding it on a website, or by sending them the link. Each response will create a new item on your board.

What are your form options? makes it easy to create the right team culture with templates and boards that can be used for a variety of purposes, including reporting, data collection, weekly check-ins, and more.

Some form-related boards include:

The contact form template

Use this smart and simple form to collect new leads by embedding them on your website. A perfect solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs looking to get more out of their online presence.

The contact template helps you manage all your contact information in one place, so you can stay up-to-date with all your deals and know who to reach out to next.

This template is great because:

The contacts template & form makes it super simple to organize each lead or contact with contact information, eliminating duplicates. By connecting to your existing CRM, you can sync all the important data you need to manage your pipeline and provide an amazing experience for every user.

The contacts template can also store social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook while keeping track of each interaction. Users can sort columns as they prefer and display them in the desired order.

Some of the columns with the most popular for this template include:

  • Status: Get an instant overview of where things stand and get a quick idea of upcoming tasks, deadlines, and other events.
  • Email: Make a note on your board, and then schedule an email to be sent directly to the team member or client at the appropriate time.
  • Phone: With you can call your contacts in seconds and automatically follow up at the right time.
  • Files: Add files to your item.
  • Text: Add textual information (such as keywords)
  • Date: Keep track of all your significant dates, including deadlines and project milestones.

The Job Application form template

Manage all your job applications and candidate information from one place. Save, share, approve and track candidates in real-time.

Hire qualified candidates and save time by streamlining your recruitment process with’s job application form template.

Using this all-inclusive template helps you collect, track and follow up with applicants in one centralized workflow.

Keep track of your job application process with this easy-to-use form. With a centralized workflow that can be customized and tracked, Plan makes finding the perfect fit for your company’s needs easy.

The job application form template offers a tidy and organized layout, so you can keep all the information you need right in one place.

You can even use this template to create automated email templates to send to applicants throughout different stages of the recruitment process. Create email templates with information including contact information, area of responsibility and job responsibilities, how your position can help them reach their career goals, salary information, benefits, and compensation package.

Save time by hiring quality employees quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with no guesswork or extra effort.


Streamline all relevant order information using this customizable form that communicates your standards and expectations. Use our pre-filled templates to create customized forms for different types of transactions, such as phone orders, in-person orders, and online orders. Import data from existing systems or create the template from scratch.

Manage your next order with ease. order form template helps you save time and stay on top of all orders, while also tracking their progress from beginning to end.

Remove the guesswork and uncertainty from overcoming supply chain challenges. Running a transparent, efficient order process will help you organize your catalog with our visual tool so that you can identify possible errors. Easily access your order information and monitor all moving parts at a glance. Get status alerts, so you’re aware of where everything stands at all times, even when you are out of the office or away from your computer.

Work Requests

Service requests of other teams in your organization. built-in automation to ensure that the board is up-to-date with task statuses and that it notifies the necessary parties when an image has been created.

You can use Chart Views to visualize your work requests. This is helpful when you’re looking to understand trends in your work requests, for managing your team members workload, or for understanding the types of requests received.

Integrate your forms with

While we’d love for you to use forms exclusively, we realize there are other options out there. However, if you do decide to use another tool and import your form data (including submissions) into, please be aware that it may process the submission differently than it would have returned in forms.

Forms are the basic way to create with, but they proposed a more advanced version called WorkForms, which proposes more features than the basic versions.’s forms integration options include:


Typeform helps you create beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-use forms for your website or app. It provides a straightforward way to display and analyze collected data, all the while creating a conversation with your users in the form of a typeform.

With the integration, all form insights can be organized in your account by converting them into workflows to better manage leads, orders, projects, and more. This integration allows you to track your data from end to end.


JotForm is a custom online forms and data collection tool. It makes it easy to gather all of the information from your boards, including lead management, surveys, payments, and more. Easily integrate your existing project plans with JotForm forms to generate more leads, collect more feedback and get more payments from participants.

Automations for form integrations

Automations are smart triggers that save you time while ensuring tasks and other repetitive work are automatically done. Set an email to be sent when a task is due, or receive a notification on your phone when it has been completed. With these simple actions, you can do more with less effort.

Both integrations are incredibly powerful, but to get the most out of them, you’ll have to use them as part of automation. Typeform is a great way to gather information from your team and customers, while JotForm is an excellent platform for building forms and collecting data. Once you have customer data in JotForm, you can use that information to build automation on

Final thoughts

Businesses are in need of as much information as possible to make business decisions. As a result, information gathering is a fundamental part of daily workflows. It’s important to collect the right information at the right time from all internal and external sources. Creating an effective form can allow you to do just that; however, due to the varying types of customers who come across your business, you may need multiple forms for various situations. forms can help you create powerful strategies, quickly and effectively.

With the forms, you can effortlessly create a form and send it to your clients to fill out. All of that data is automatically synced into our platform, so your team can go about their day working on the next project.

By using forms, you can improve your productivity in all areas of your business and manage everything better while saving time and gaining clarity.

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